Bitcoin Latinum and Unico NFT Announce the World’s First Bitcoin NFT Platform

Bitcoin Latinum and Unico NFT Announce the World’s First Bitcoin NFT Platform

The NFT marketplace will offer thousands of digital artworks that can be purchased and sold only using Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM), the next generation insured asset-backed money.

In addition to Ethereum, this is the world's first platform that allows purchasing, selling, and trading NFTs using other cryptocurrencies. Unico offers NFT purchasing options utilizing Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latinum.

This exposes the tremendous liquidity accessible in the whole crypto sector and allows consumers to own digital artwork or collectibles. It will also tackle usual Ethereum blockchain issues like high fees and slow transaction speeds.

It is the blockchain development platform underpinning Bitcoin Latinum, Monsoon Blockchain. To develop in the newest NFT field, the platform has teamed with Unico to establish UnicoNFT, a decentralized NFT marketplace.

On the market, you'll find everything from collections to auctions to live events to influencers and celebrities.

NFTs employ blockchain to track digital assets, including photographs, films, collectibles, and even virtual land. According to Decrypt, the NFT market generated 10.67 billion dollars in transaction volume in Q3 2021, up from $328 million in Q3 2020.

UnicoNFT is the first NFT marketplace that uses Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latinum for NFT transactions, giving more alternatives and allowing everyone to participate in the NFT world.

Dr. Donald Basile, CEO of Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, said that they estimate 5-10x the number of customers now interested in digital assets to embrace them over the next 24 months.

A big transaction volume, cybersecurity, and digital asset management are all features of Bitcoin Latinum. Bitcoin Latinum was created by Monsoon Blockchain Corporation for the Bitcoin Latinum Foundation. With LTNM, digital transactions will become greener, quicker, and more secure.

Other crypto assets are uninsured and backed by nothing but digital assets. Its asset underpinning is kept in a fund type, increasing over time. It does it by returning 80% of the transaction fee to the asset fund that backs the currency. To create a self-inflating currency, more people accept Bitcoin Latinum.

Bitcoin Latinum is now traded on HitBTC ($4 billion), ($3.3 billion), AAX ($1.3 billion), LBank ($1.35 billion), Hotbit ($1.35 billion), and DigiFinex ($1.35 billion). By the end of 2021, Bitcoin Latinum will be officially listed on four additional exchanges: Bitmart ($1.6 billion daily volume), Changelly,, and Changelly Pro.

Bitcoin Latinum has chosen Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, a Palo Alto-based blockchain startup, as its founding partner. Monsoon focuses on developing robust business solutions that enable the effective digitalization and listing of assets across a number of sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, and media and entertainment. As CEO of Fusion-IO, Dr. Donald Basile forged agreements with HP, IBM, and Dell.

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