7 Things to Know About AnonyDoxx’s Innovative Approach to Cryptocurrency Development

Due to the growing hype within the crypto community, many individuals are now exploring the limits of virtual transactions – with some even transitioning from a purchasing role to a developing one. AnonyDoxx is one of the platforms that attempted to ride this transition and provide a publishing platform for developers while ensuring that everyone is secure within the system despite the decentralized finance mechanism utilized as its foundation.

AnonyDoxx can essentially be a product incubation system that aims to provide developers a safe space to distribute their products while giving consumers and investors some peace of mind with its state-of-the-art security features.

1. Top-class doxing process for developers through the vault verification process for FREE (with a 2-way NDA)

DeFi is arguably reliable because it eliminates the need for a monitoring body for these financial transactions – essentially making these exchanges highly efficient from a macro perspective. However, this lack of monitoring likewise becomes the reason for several security issues, deterring some investors from pushing forward in fear of these uncertainties.

A scam known as a “rug pull” comes to mind where developers abandon a project instantaneously upon receiving the investors’ funds, and no one can seemingly do anything about it due to the lack of information.

AnonyDoxx has prioritized this security issue that has run rampant in the recent decade by providing a “doxing” protocol that will simultaneously verify developers trying to enter the market and relieve investors skeptical about running into a new project headfirst.

AnonyDoxx provides a doxing system that collects a comprehensive set of information regarding the developers for free – making it a system that overwhelmingly trumps 3rd party firms that are heavy on the user’s pockets. What is even more interesting in this aspect is that both parties – the developers and AnonyDoxx – would utilize a 2-way non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that the info stored in the “vault” would remain safe from malicious attacks.

2. Provision of a native token, $ADXX, with a high market cap and initial supply 

Although AnonyDoxx is highly intent on maximizing the security features of their system, the crypto hype still did not leave their sights with the production of their native token, $ADXX.

$ADXX is a type of reflection token. If you are not familiar with the terminology, a reflection token is essentially a currency that provides incentives to its users for every transaction that they perform. This, of course, is sourced from the tax that is imposed on each transaction that you perform – making it a kind of a give-and-take that will ultimately still produce passive income while you go about your regular transactions.

What makes $ADXX stand out is perhaps the heaping initial supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens that certainly would not produce circulation issues in the long run. And with the subsequent features that come with holding these tokens, i.e., whitelist spots for new projects and availability in several exchange platforms, holding these tokens would be both seamless and worth it at the same time.

3. Only 6% tax per transaction with a 2% BUSD reflection

Like how all reflection tokens work, the tokenomics of the system would mainly revolve around the imposition of taxes for each transaction and the provision of incentives through specific cryptocurrencies. In the case of $ADXX, only a 6% tax will be imposed on each transaction, and AnonyDoxx will be redistributing 2% of the 6% tax collected to all holders through BUSD. In this way, even though you are simply performing the transactions that you always intended to do, you still get something back in return without doing much else.

4. Available whitelist spots for ADXX token holders when accessing new token releases

As previously mentioned, the token being put forward by AnonyDoxx provides both the convenience lacking in many currencies and the value that is highly sought after everywhere else. One of these features that the token provides is the allocation of “whitelist” or reservation spots for the holders to purchase newly released tokens within AnonyDoxx’s product incubation system. Essentially, if a relatively groundbreaking program is being developed through AnonyDoxx, you, as a holder, will be one of the first to have access to its treasury.

And with the credibility that comes with the vault verification system of AnonyDoxx for developers, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your finances from a calculated risk.

5. Employs HireVise and PAVI for its product incubation features

AnonyDoxx, apart from the excellent developer verification system that certainly relieves both the producer and consumer alike, is also in partnership with some of the most utilized software and systems in many other corporations. AnonyDoxx likewise employs the help of HireVise and PAVI – two systems renowned for their talent cycling mechanisms, both of which are integrated into the vault verification protocol of the app. Essentially, this would mean that although the verification system of AnonyDoxx is relatively new in the DeFi system, its security features for the preservation of sensitive personal information are already established through HireVise and PAVI.

6. Employs SaaS (software as a service) based products while implementing a BaaS (blockchain as a service) model

For context, SaaS-based products are essentially online software that anyone can access, while a BaaS model is a system that allows developers to utilize cloud-based solutions to operate blockchain apps of their creation. AnonyDoxx appears to effectively integrate these concepts in its operation – using established security systems to strengthen its verification system while allowing even startup developers to utilize AnonyDoxx’s platform to build and host their applications.

7. Future plans to include cross-platform functionality testing and closed beta test by the 4th quarter of 2022

It is undoubtedly still hard to predict the trajectory that AnonyDoxx is bound to take in the next few years, but it does have some things to look forward to as it nears its official public launch. For reference, AnonyDoxx is also planning to include a cross-platform functionality by the 4th quarter of 2022 – making the system even more accessible to more users worldwide. It might also be essential to note for many interested investors that the closed beta test for the system will be opened at around the same time as its cross-platform functionality testing.

The Verdict

Security issues aside, the world of cryptocurrency certainly is a diverse field that becomes even more complex by the second – making it harder for new investors and developers alike to look for and provide something new in the market, respectively. Although AnonyDoxx still has a long way to go before its official launch, its innovative features that employ intricate mechanisms are indeed promising and might be one to watch as it nears its completion.

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